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This Ramadan,
Let’s Come Together

Real people in need count on us for meals, clean water, and support. As we count on you, we invite you to make it count.

We Count On You

Without you, we couldn’t run our life-changing programs.

Sharing food to ensure no one goes to bed hungry

Quenching the thirst of those in need with sustainable solutions

Consoling and supporting orphans for a brighter future

Your Zakat goes directly to the distributors and beneficiaries.

They Count On Us

Real people, facing real challenges, 
count on us to be their lifeline.

In the spirit of Ramadan, we commit to providing meals, ensuring access to clean water through our thirst relief program, and offering support to orphans through our Orphankind program. These are not just numbers; these are lives waiting 
to be transformed.

Help us sponsor 600 orphans in Gaza

You Make It Count

Your contribution makes a meaningful impact, turning statistics into stories of hope.


meals provided


orphans sponsored


wells built

It’s not just about numbers; it’s about accountability and transparency. Your support is the driving force that transforms lives.

This Ramadan, let’s make every moment count.

Together, we can create a world where compassion knows no bounds.

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Get Involved

Volunteer with #TeamOrange

Explore opportunities to get actively involved.

Ramadan Duas

Get ready for Ramadan 
with our dua booklet.

Adam’s First Fast

The perfect Ramadan guide for children.

Pay your Fidya/Kaffarah

Fulfill your religious obligation

Donate Now

Your contribution can change lives.

Fundraise with Penny Appeal Canada

Create your own Launchgood campaign this Ramadan

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