This Ramadan, They Count On Us

This Ramadan, They Count On Us

Feed Our World

Yemen, Bangladesh, Afghanistan & More

This Ramadan, They Count On Us

Thirst Relief

Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kashmir & More

This Ramadan, They Count On Us


Gaza, Palestine & Pakistan

This Ramadan, They Count On Us


Get 100% of the blessings in return

This Ramadan,
Make it Count

Whether it’s feeding families in Yemen, or providing clean drinking water in Uganda, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without your help. This Ramadan, donate to those who need it most.

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More Ways To Help

Zakat Al Fitr

Provide a meal to a person in need on Eid.

Pay $10

Fidyah & Kaffarah

If you have to break your fast or oath.

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Champion your favourite cause this Ramadan.

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Quench Their Thirst

211 Wells Funded

out of 700

Build A Well

Help Us Provide 720,000 Meals

370 Food Packs Provided

out of 2700

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Orphankind: Change Their Lives

241 Orphans Sponsored

out of 700

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The Penny Appeal App is the easiest and fastest way to donate to causes you care about. We’ve reimagined charitable giving by bringing you a platform that’s seamless, convenient, and incredibly impactful.

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What Ramadan Means to Nadratan Rahman

Ramadan is about slowing down from our busy lives and making time for things that we often take for granted.

What Ramadan Means to Saima Khan

Ramadan is a time for self reflection , self improvement and self perseverance. It is a month to revise your connection with Allah and grow your Islamic knowledge.

What Ramadan Means to Hira Hyder

Ramadan is the reiteration of ‘intention setting’, the intentions we set are the soul we breathe into our actions in order for them to manifest, gloriously.

What Ramadan Means to Farkhunda Muhtaj

Ramadan holds a special place in my heart as my favourite time of the year. It is a truly transformative period, and I consider it an immense privilege to engage actively in this holy month.

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About Penny Appeal Canada

Penny Appeal Canada stands as a relief and development organization committed to building thriving communities. Our aim is to disrupt the cycles of poverty through long-term, sustainable programs. That is why we work to turn small change into a BIG DIFFERENCE.

Our Impact Last Ramadan

Map of Lebanon
2,000 Meals Provided


Map of Palestine
3,998 Meals Provided
1,112 Orphans Sponsored


Map of Afghanistan
7,000 Meals Provided
17 Water Wells Built


Map of Myanmar
2,000 Meals Provided


Map of Pakistan
7,995 Meals Provided
128 Water Wells Built
444 Orphans Sponsored


Map of Yemen
4,000 Meals Provided


Map of Somalia
5,000 Meals Provided
12 Water Wells Built


Map of Kenya
4,974 Meals Provided
2 Water Wells Built


Map of Bangladesh
128 Meals Provided


Map of Azad Kashmir
62 Water Wells Built

Azad Kashmir

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