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Penny Appeal Canada wishes you and your family a Happy Ramadan!

Choose Where Your Donation Will Go

Choose Where Your Donation Will Go

Celebrate Ramadan With Mustafa The Poet

Your Zakat Is powerful

Zakat Al Fitr

Your donation provides a meal to a person in need on Eid.

This Ramadan, never miss giving on Laylatul Qadr again

Breakin' Dates

Celebrate Ramadan with us!

Our daily Islamic series 30 minutes before Ramadan

Volunteer this Ramadan with #TeamOrange

We’re powered by a volunteer youth army! With #TeamOrange, we encourage today’s youth to become more civid-minded and engage in charitable acts.


If you’re unable to fast this year, or have to break your fast or oath, you can pay Fidya or Kaffarah instead.

All your Ramadan resources in one place

Palestinian Dates now available!

Buy Your Eid Gift Pack

Celebrate Eid with these balloons and greeting cards while supplies last.

Fundraise with us!

Champion your favourite cause this Ramadan.

At Penny Appeal Canada, we work tirelessly to be worthy of your charitable donations.

Through the impact we make.

In 2021 alone…

1.3 million meals were distributed worldwide
1000+ orphans were sponsored
116 deep wells were build

Through the accountability we demand.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards for transparency and accountability, with open communication, robust donation infrastructure, and transparent financial auditing.

Through the lives we touch

Winter Relief with Penny Appeal Canada

This Ramadan, fulfill your duty.

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