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Read about our life-changing charity made possible thanks to YOU!

How Your Zakat Changes Lives

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Read about our life-changing charity made possible thanks to YOU!
How Your Zakat Changes Lives

Date posted

May 11, 2020


Fawaaz Safeek


Feed Our World

Time to read

5 minutes

Your Zakat is a beautiful form of charity, and one of the five pillars of Islam; it is a form of giving that removes you from greed and provides the less fortunate with the support they need. When you make your Zakat donations with Penny Appeal, our 100% Zakat policy assures that 100% of your donations are going straight to the people who need it most – giving you 100% of the rewards!

In 2019, all your Zakat donations helped us care for orphans, support the elderly, promote education, deliver food to the hungry and provide fresh, clean water to those in need, Alhamdulillah! We were able to provide aid to thousands of people because of your Zakat, and that’s brought on some life-changing results.

It’s once again time to make a difference with your Zakat but before going off to calculate your Zakat or choosing one of our appeals to send your Zakat to, let’s have a look at some of the wonderful things you did with your Zakat last year!

Your Zakat donations helped bring water to over 4,000 people in Northern Uganda! With Zakat donations to our Thirst Relief appeal, we were able to build Solar Pump Water Wells in three villages throughout the Yumbe and Arua districts of Northern Uganda. Each well is equipped with ten water taps so there is no longer an issue with collecting water or having to wait for it.

Communities in these districts have always faced a challenge when it comes to having access to safe, clean water, but thanks to your Zakat thousands of people now no longer have to worry about dirty water, Alhamdulillah. Mr Kassim, a community leader from one of the villages in Yumbe, was so full of gratitude and joy for their new Solar Pump Water Well and the gift of water that was brought to them. He shared,

“Water is life and without water, life is very difficult. My community has been suffering for a very long time without water. We used to get water down here and the water used to be very dirty. Animals like cows, goats and even dogs used to drink that water. Even us human beings we drank that water, and the water was very dirty but now I can take this opportunity to thank ACRE-Uganda and Penny Appeal for bringing for us water very near, which is clean and safe and for saving my community from this problem of water.”

100% Zakat for orphans in need

Zakat donations that went towards our OrphanKind appeal have helped thousands of orphaned children get the love, care and educations they deserve. Without your Zakat donations, Sujon wouldn’t be getting an education today!

Sujon is a young boy from Shibgonj, Bangladesh, who lives with his mother and older brothers. His father passed away when Sujon was only 4 years old, and since then life has been a struggle for his family. His family is very poor, and despite his mother working as a day labourer to support them, they had very little to spare for Sujon’s education.

When the family was approached with an OrphanKind sponsorship, they were beside themselves with happiness and hope for the future. Sujon is now able to attend the Syed Hatim Ali Government Primary School with the help of his sponsorship and can get the education he always dreamed of. One day he hopes to graduate and get a good job to support his family. Your Zakat donations have helped him on his way to a brighter future, Alhamdulillah!

100% Zakat = 100% relief

Another wonderful appeal that your Zakat donations went towards was our Feed Our World appeal. One of the many food distributions we carried out with your donations was in the Yumbe district of Uganda that benefitted thousands of people. We were able to distribute nutritious food packs to families in need that included rice, oil, beans and other important food items.

During our distributions, we spoke to a young girl named Hayati and some of her siblings. Hayati’s family struggled with hunger, as did many people in her village, but when the trucks came to deliver the food, they were both shocked and delighted.

Hayati happened to be out in town when the delivery started, she said,

“When I saw the truck arrive with the truck load, I thought these guys were coming to open a shop but all of a sudden people gathered and then people’s names were being called and my mother’s name was called too so we also received food and we took that food home. This happened to be during the month of Ramadan. We used this food during the month of Ramadan. We were so grateful for this food and we want to thank Penny Appeal and let them endeavor to bring more food.”

Last year, your Zakat donations helped build wells, care for orphans, feed people all over the world and so much more. This year, let’s fulfill our Zakat obligations with pride and help even more of the less fortunate people in our global ummah!

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