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Around the world, Penny Appeal Canada empowers communities through thoughtful programming that prioritizes local needs.

Zakat Eligible

We build communities where orphans can receive an education and a brighter future. 160 million orphans, you can't help them all, just help one. Help us build a brighter future for orphans in need for roughly $2 a day

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Support Orphans
Help us build a brighter future for orphans in need by becoming a sponsor for just $2 a day.

Zakat-eligible projects honour the religious obligation of Muslims by ensuring that 100% of your Zakat goes directly to those in need.

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Zakat Eligible

Thirst Relief provides communities around the world with access to safe and clean water that is critical for physical, mental, and socioeconomic health and wellbeing.

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Build A Well ($2200)
Give the gift of clean water to an entire community - make a donation to build a well.
Zakat Eligible

Feed Our World provides sustenance to families around the world to alleviate the burden of food insecurity and end global hunger which impacts 821 million people.

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Feed a Family ($100)
Donate now to feed a family for a month.

Each donation to Education First supports children, families, communities and societies around the world and at home in Canada.

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Support A Learner ($100)
Your donations help communities around the world!

Aqiqa is the sacrifice of livestock such as goats and sheep that takes place at the birth of a child that is performed as part of the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

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Give Your Aqiqa ($150)
By performing Aqiqa it is a way to express your gratitude towards Allah SWT for blessing you with a baby.

Let’s rebuild Palestine together. Donate to any of these causes to become a Friend of Palestine!

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Honour the Prophet Ibrahim’s (as) tradition and help those in need.

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During times of crisis, Emergency Relief projects provide immediate support to meet the basic needs of those suffering through unexpectedly challenging times.

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