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Let’s rebuild Palestine together. Donate to any of the causes below to become a Friend of Palestine!

Provide Clean Water Access

Support Orphans in Palestine

Plant Olive Trees Across Palestine

Provide Essential Medical Support

Buy Date Tins And Support Farmers

The people of Palestine need your support to rebuild their country and their lives.

People living in Gaza and the West Bank have little opportunity for work, affordable food and clean water are hard to come by, and quality medical care is a desperate need for many families in the Holy Land.

In a country where 50% of the population relies on humanitarian aid to survive and blockades stop the free flow of movement, our Palestinian brothers and sisters need our help.

Palestine Emergency Response

Once again, the people of Palestine are facing violence, danger, and great hardship as their human rights continue to be violated. With more than 1000 Palestinians injured since the violent outbursts in the West Bank, Gaza, and Jerusalem over the course of a few days, the need for urgent support is greater than ever.

Emergency Response
Thirst Relief

Provide Clean Water Access

By supporting this cause, you will create safer and more affordable school environments, unaffected by Gaza’s persistent power cuts. Many of these schools also serve as emergency shelters, and you will be providing safe drinking water to those seeking shelter.


Support Orphans in Palestine

These vulnerable children often have no one to properly care for them. They grow up in poverty, without access to education, healthcare, food or warm clothing. They’re missing out on a happy childhood, while the chance for a successful future slips away from them. By supporting orphans in Palestine, you give them stability and hope.

Plant Olive Trees

Olive trees are more than just a source of income for Palestinians. These draught-resistant, millenia-old trees are a symbol of Palestinian resistance and resilience. More than 100,000 olive trees have been destroyed since 2010. With your help, we can plant new olive trees so this important part of Palestine lives on.

Feed Our World

100% Palestinian Dates

Our date tins contain 900g of fresh Medjoul dates. The dates are rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals and packed with energy and delicious sweetness that makes them perfect for young and old. Cultivated in the ancient lands of Jericho in the West Bank of Palestine, the dates are handpicked on a Palestinian owned farm by Palestinian farmers to ensure you receive the highest and freshest quality dates.

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