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Meet the team behind Penny Appeal Canada

Board of Directors

Dr. Aleem Hussain


Adeem Younis


Ramz Aziz



Toronto Raptors are the 2019 NBA Champions.

Talha Ahmed

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Donor Care

Kindness is contagious and so is yawning

Tazmin Keval

Manager of Donor Services
Ready to Make an Impact!

Thilakshana Senthilvel

Operations Advisor
Let's do this!

Mahmoud Abujabal

Donor Care Success Advisor
Alhamdulillah for everything!

Rabia Aziz

Admin Assistant

Mekaeel Malik

Customer Relations Clerk


The trouble with getting to work on time is that it makes the day so long...

Fawad Kalsi

Director of Development
Welcome to the Wild West!

Owais Hikmat

Regional Manager - Alberta
I'm allergic to boring😪

Zubair Abid

Regional Manager - British Columbia
I woke up amazing!

Mark Strong

Community Ambassador
Onwards! 2 steps forward 1 step back

Adam Kadir

Community Service Officer
There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up

Rehma Khan

Community Services Officer


It’s always the quiet ones….

Mehreen Arif

Manager of Programs
I do care about donor care!

Maryam Khonsari

Senior Programs Officer
Think outside the box

Ahmad Hamad

Senior Programs Officer
Never trust atoms; they make up everything

Nimco Mohamed

Community Social Development Officer
Pineapples belong on pizza!

Asra Asad

Community Social Development Officer


If you can't reach me, I'm probably on the lake.

Fawaaz Safeek

Director of Marketing and Communications

Zayr Ahmed

Marketing & Communications Specialist
I like to have fun, but I don’t play games

Umber Bhatti

Graphic Designer
Positive Vibes Only

Brady Kemp

Video Editor
Nobody gets left behind!

Muhammad Mauthoor

Marketing Specialist
It isss what it isss...

Zia Yousaf

Web Master
Just keep swimming!

Ange Bitwayiki

Social Media Assistant
I have a lot of free time that I need to keep free

Zakiyyah Brown

Marketing Assistant


Help yourself by helping others.
Illustration of Omar Awan

Omar Awan

Finance Manager
I like numbers, so you can count on me

David Safi

Financial Assistant

Always Room For One More

Do you like what we do, and want to make a difference? We’re always looking for new additions to our team.
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Our Guiding Values


Open communication with donors, partners, and those we serve is a cornerstone of our work. We’ve implemented regular communication to maintain that.


Sustainable programs come from sustainable institutions. It takes investment to build a nonprofit’s infrastructure. That’s why we’re asking core members to donate.


We’re driven by data to find innovative solutions to better the lives of those we serve. If it isn’t based on data, we’re not interested.

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