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Ramadan With Caring Millennials

This Ramadan make a difference.

Caring Millenials

Donate today to provide clean water to communities in need. 


Give the Gift Of Water

With your Thirst Relief donations, you’ll be providing entire communities not only with the simple gift of clean water, but you’ll be providing them with the pathway out of poverty. Dependable access to safe, clean water means that drinking, cooking, washing, watering crops, hydrating animals and making wudu no longer come with the threat of disease.

India COVID-19 Relief

India is seeing a record high of COVID 19 cases as they near 20 million active cases. The healthcare system in India has been severely impacted and hospitals are completely overwhelmed. Penny Appeal Canada is responding to the crisis in India by providing hospitals with much needed medical supplies and oxygen units in Delhi.

Breakin' Dates

Join us for out National Iftaar across Canada

100% of our shop proceeds go to our programs.

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