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Girls are twice as likely to drop out of school due to a crisis like COVID-19, and less likely to return once it has passed. The longer a girl is out of school, the less likely she is to ever return. Your support could be the difference for a girl between staying in school and dropping out.

Keeping Girls In School

Girls in Pakistan face tremendous challenges to completing their education. Poverty, prejudice, violence, and an underfunded school system combine with one another so that less than one in five girls are still going to school by the ninth grade. The COVID-19 pandemic is making these inequalities worse.

In response, Right To Play and Penny Appeal Canada are coming together as partners to launch #ForHer: Keeping Girls in School to empower 16,000 at-risk girls in Pakistan to keep learning and complete their education.

Be The Difference #ForHer

Sadia wants to go to School

Nine-year-old Sadia lives in Karachi. Her parents can’t afford to send her to school, but she’s refusing to give up. She’s working with a volunteer tutor to keep learning so she can one day be a pilot and explore the world.

Meet Bismah

11-year-old Bismah and her family were forced to move after her father died. School was too far away from her new home, and she was forced to drop out. We are helping her find her way back.

Meet Raheela

16-year-old Raheela changed schools and found herself struggling to adapt. She nearly dropped out, before a coach helped her find the confidence to stay in school and become a leader.

Meet Kainat

21-year-old Kainat once struggled to stay in school herself. Now, she helps girls who are at risk of dropping out to stand up to discrimination, develop a positive self-image, and complete their education.

Your support could be the difference for a girl between staying in school and dropping out.

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