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My duty this Ramadan is…

Ramadan is so much more than food, feasting and family. Ramadan serves as a reminder that a fundamental part of our faith is serving others. We asked five individuals what Ramadan means to them.


Ramadan is time to reflect and look in the mirror. It’s how I hold myself accountable.

Reflection is what holds me accountable
Reflection is what holds me
My words are mirrors
And I hope as time moves
I continue to see other people through that glass
That’s the dream.

Duty to Self Reflect

Duty to Pray

Sidra Syed

Ramadan is a time to recenter myself through Prayer

“It can be hard to balance everything, but prayer is a chance to remember that Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear.”

Shaykh Musleh Khan

Ramadan is a time to to spend with loved ones.

“As an Imam there are many lessons for us in the month of Ramadan
But perhaps, the most important lessons of all are the ones shared with family.”

Duty to Family

Duty to the Body

Farkhunda Muhtaj

As an athlete, Ramadan is a time to strengthen myself physically, mentally and spiritually.

“It’s like a workout for the soul, a way to strengthen myself spiritually.
Ramadan is the reminder of where my will can take me.”

Aaliyah Chahbar

Ramadan is a time of fasting, family and friends.

“This year I asked my mom if I can fast with the rest of my family. My friend from school decided to do the same to help me through the day. So my family thought we should celebrate together.”

Duty of Fasting

Palestine Dates

Adam’s First Fast

Our very first Kids book for Ramadan!

Ramadan Duas

Get ready for Ramadan with our dua booklet

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