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As winter approaches, thousands of men, women and children including refugees and displaced communities are facing harsh winters in these regions. Many of whom are already living in extremely difficult circumstances facing food insecurity and the sub-zero temperatures pose an additional risk to their lives. Penny Appeal Canada is providing winter kits to families to help them safely get through this harsh winter season. The items included in the winter kits range from essentials such as blankets, warm clothes, shoes, insulation materials and personal hygiene supplies. Items may vary from country to country, however they fulfill the essential need to ensure the communities are well-equipped to get through the harsh weather. Join us in providing relief to individuals and families in need and save lives.

What’s inside a winter care kit?

Each winter care kit contains pillows, blankets, bedding, wool coats, wool sweaters, clothing for men, women and children, shoes, toiletries and cleaning supplies.

Give The Gift Of Warmth

Your winter charity is making a real difference to people across the world and right here at home – but millions more need our help, urgently. Please give what you can to protect innocent lives from danger this winter.

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