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Help those affected by the historic droughts in the Horn of Africa

The Worst Drought in 40 Years

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Help those affected by the historic droughts in the Horn of Africa
The Worst Drought in 40 Years

Date posted

July 19, 2022


Ange Bitwayiki

Time to read

5 minutes
Source: UNCIEF

The Horn of Africa is experiencing their worst drought in 40 years. The most impacted regions are Kenya, Ethiopia, and Somalia. Across these regions, over 11.6 million people do not have access to clean drinking water and over 18 million people are facing severe food insecurity. The drought is expected to exacerbate the climate and hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa. About 6.5 million children are projected to suffer from acute malnutrition and 1.8 million children with severe wasting. In Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia, the drought has devastating consequences on the livelihood and well-being of families.


There is a great concern for Somalia where malnutrition has reached critical levels and is at risk of experiencing a country-wide famine. Over 80% of its population is experiencing a severe drought which has provoked further crises in the region where many face resource-based conflict over diminishing resources, malnutrition, impoverishment, displacement, and limited access to health care and other essential services. In effect, the prolonged drought has resulted in a total of 6.1 million people facing acute food insecurity, and nearly 760,000 people are displaced from their homes in search of food, livestock, water, and access to services. Of this population, 1.4 million children under the age of five are likely to be acutely malnourished. Somalia’s heightened risk of famine demands greater humanitarian funding and assistance. Our contributions to giving aid in Somalia will be critical in saving many lives.


Ethiopia currently faces a confluent of two crises, struggling with the impact of conflict across northern Ethiopia and facing the worst drought in 40 years. The outbreak of armed conflict in 2020 has left 13 million people across the Tigray, Afar and Amhara regions in need of food assistance. Amid territorial disputes and ethnic tensions over 5 million people have been displaced. This humanitarian crisis along with the persistent drought has obstructed the most impacted from accessing food, aid, and healthcare. More than 25.9 million people in Ethiopia are projected to be in need of humanitarian assistance.


Along with Somalia and Ethiopia, Kenya also struggles with the devastating drought. The impact of the prolonged drought has resulted in 2.1 million people facing acute food insecurity. As the drought deteriorates the country’s crop and livestock production, livestock and food market values soar becoming further out of reach for many in Kenya living in poverty. More and more Kenyans fall victim to resource-based conflict, poverty, and food scarcity. Kenya’s food insecurity and impoverishment are expected to increase as the brutal drought is forecasted to persist.

Penny Appeal Canada’s Response

The Horn of Africa is in a state of emergency. Millions are displaced from their homes in search of food and safety. Significantly, women are girls are disprorptiately affected by this catastrophic drought who are increasingly faced with gendered violence, sexual exploitation, child marriage and ​​high maternal mortality rates since the onset of the drought. Unless food consumption gaps are drastically reduced, total collapse of livelihoods in the Horn of Africa is at risk. Immediate action is required to protect and save the lives of millions across the Horn of Africa. 

As an emergency response, Penny Appeal Canada is reacting urgently to provide vulnerable families and individuals with immediate nourishment of food and water, health services such as vaccinations and treatment for severe malnutrition, as well as shelter from the harsh weather conditions. All donations to our emergency response in the Horn of Africa will ensure families and children are safe, receiving adequate care, and protected from malnutrition. 

In addition to our emergency response, our thirst relief program is crucial in subsiding resource-based conflict sparked from the drought. The drought has devastated crops and livestock all across the Horn of Africa, leaving millions in search of food, unable to afford food and hungry.  Penny Appeal Canada is building Deep Water Wells, Solar Power Water Centres, Rainwater Harvesting Systems, and distributing clean drinking water to provide vulnerable communities dependable access to clean water and to help sustain their agriculture and livestock.

How You Can Help

The risk of famine and high rates of mortality in the Horn of Africa can be averted. Your donation with Penny Appeal Canada can help us scale up our response and assist those in desperate need of humanitarian aid and essential services. With your virtuious act of Sadaqah, we can provide critical life saving essentials such as food, healthcare and shelter to those most affected by the drought. Your donation to the Horn of Africa is a chance for impacted countries to build resiliency against a fourth consecutive drought.

Donate today to help the millions facing hunger across the Horn of Africa and make tremendous difference in saving someone’s life. 

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