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Palestine Emergency

Donate today to provide essential medical support. Send a lifeline to Palestine today.

Palestine Emergency

Once again, the people of Palestine are facing violence, danger, and great hardship as their human rights continue to be violated. With more than 1000 Palestinians injured since the violent outbursts in the West Bank, Gaza, and Jerusalem over the course of a few days, the need for urgent support is greater than ever.

The recent outbreak of violence has been fueled by the nightly protests throughout Ramadan, the forced eviction and dispossession of Palestinian families from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah, the use of CS gas and stun grenades inside Al-Aqsa mosque, and airstrikes in Gaza which have taken the lives of dozens of individuals and left hundreds injured.

Donate today to provide essential medical support to those in Palestine.

Three Phase Response

Penny Appeal Canada is responding to the crisis by providing much-needed medical supplies and aid to support the hundreds of individuals who have been injured. Using a multiphase response strategy Penny Appeal Canada is doing the following:


Emergency Aid Distribution

In Gaza and Al Quds, we are supporting hospitals through the procurement of most needed medical supplies. Food baskets will also be provided to feed displaced families and their host families for an entire month.


Shelter Rehabilitation

We will be rehabilitating homes of Palestinians that were destroyed by this surge of violence.


Community Rehabilitation

Once it is safe to do so, we’ll support the rebuilding of communities by supporting infrastructure rehabilitation.

Your donations will help those in need of medical aid to those injured in the attacks.

Help us provide a lifeline to Palestine

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